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🌟 For the past 15 years, MedEdits students have been using our strategies to stand out and get accepted to medical school - the first time they apply! 

❓Wondering how you can achieve these same results? 

😅 In this free training, learn three steps you must go through to get accepted.


Are you a premed or parent of a premed who is feeling:


❓Overwhelmed by such low acceptance rates?

❓Unsure of how much and what experience you need to be competitive?

❓Wondering if you are doomed because of your MCAT or GPA?

❓Unsure of how to tell your story?

✅ If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this free training is for you!

My goal is to alleviate doubts and insecurities and to make you feel empowered with solutions you need before submitting your application or to do what is necessary to improve your candidacy before you apply!


During this informative training you will learn three strategies you must employ to get accepted to medical school: 


👩‍🎓 Establishing the academic metrics you need to be competitive for medical school (it may not be what you think!).

🔬Crafting a personalized niche and game plan.

📝 Creating a compelling and balanced narrative.



I will review real life case studies of applicants just like you! At MedEdits, we have thousands of case studies to draw from!

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"Thank you so much for this webinar. It was very informative, and reiterated and expanded on points I had heard from various sources. I am much more clear now on this application process."